Herbert Horne intended his museum to be not only a venue for the conservation and display of his art collection but as a vibrant centre of activity. The museum’s Education Department offers thematic itineraries and creative and multimedia workshops based on involvement, participation and inclusion.

The educational activities are designed for visitors of all ages, children and students, teachers, families, young people, adults, people with cognitive or sensorial disabilities and any other group or community.

The Education Department is run by L’immaginario Associazione Culturale.


The museum’s Education Department organises activities at the museum for schools of every level from kindergarten to university. Each guided tour of the museum is tailored to suit the participants’age group and is followed by a practical workshop.

The educational projects focus on the major themes of the museum’s collection, ranging from workshops on artistic techniques to activities in English and itineraries exploring the Renaissance.



The museum’s Education Department organises special events for families. These fun, interactive events are designed to involve all participants in an astonishing game of knowledge that is played out in the museum itself, with participants questioning the exhibits and the works of art. These animated tours are always followed by a creative workshop.

The activities take place on Saturday or Sunday morning at 10:30 am and last about two hours.

Reservations are required.


The Education Department offers groups of adults museum tours focusing on understanding the culture of the Renaissance and its fortunes down the ages. Situated in the heart of Florence, the city that is the very symbol of Renaissance culture and art, the Museo Horne offers its visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in that distant time, in a dimension that was still on a human scale. The tours offer adults an engaging experience allowing them not only to learn about specific issues but also to rediscover in the Palazzo, its exhibits and their stories, that sense of harmony that was so essential to the Renaissance mind.

To book a visit, call us on +39.055.244661 or write to to arrange a date and time.


The Museo Horne has always been sensitive to the theme of cultural and social inclusion, sharing its collection and presenting its contents in a manner designed to meet the needs of different targets.

  • The Museum welcomes deaf and hearing-impaired visitors who may book guided tours in Italian Sign Language (LIS).
  • An information video on the collection in Italian Sign Language is available on the museum’s YouTube Channel.
  • The Museum offers tactile and multi-sensory tours for blind and partially sighted visitors.

The Museum welcomes visitors with intellectual disabilities, providing educational experiences and special materials to cater for their needs. Inclusive guided tours specially tailored to cater for their needs can be arranged by prior appointment.

We Encourage Living Collective Open Museum Experiences

The Museo Horne is a partner in the WELCOME project (We Encourage Living Collective Open Museum Experiences), which is promoted by eight Florentine museums and aims to strengthen services for museum visitors, paying particular attention to the needs of disadvantaged visitors. The project enjoys the financial support of the Regione Toscana.

Visit the website of the WELCOME project

Museo Horne’s LIS presentation

Casa Vasari’s LIS presentation

Discover the presentation in Italian Sign Language:

Tour Video in LIS